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Family TLC, Inc.

In 2006, Attorney Dess Benedetto created the Family Trust Law Center, later incorporated to Family TLC, Inc., as a firm for family estate planning by professional, caring attorneys, at reasonable fees.  When the firm was created, many people still didn’t know much about living trusts and the tremendous value to families for taking care of financial matters while they are alive.  Handling wills through probate was still relatively common.  

Thanks to people like Suze Orman and other savvy financial advisors, the general public is now mostly educated about how living trusts can save thousands of dollars in probate fees and is a much easier way to handle estate affairs.  At Family Trust Law Center, our attorneys specialize in estate planning and probate law.  We understand that even simple errors in trusts can cause thousands of dollars in fees – later – when the documents are litigated in the probate court.  

If you are investing your time and money in estate planning, you want to make things easier for your family. We believe that clients are best served by hiring qualified estate attorneys who commit to continuing education,  work hard to keep up with current laws, and frequently update firm drafting documents to keep up with advancements.  

Amendments of documents and other hourly work is done as efficiently as possible, and we look for solutions to reduce taxes and court costs.  Our main goal is that Family TLC, Inc. attorneys be considered as long term estate advisors, so that families will have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are financially secure.    We take care of the legal details, so you can take care of your loved ones.   

Estate planning is difficult to gift wrap but is truly a gift to children, parents, family and friends.

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